Engineering Services

Engineering services involve the following practices and procedures.

  • Creating pre-compilation or compilation structures, installing required applications and programs
  • Setup and deployment of server computers for a particular project
  • Developing software tools
  • Correcting functional program/application errors
  • Solving non-localization related problems

Testing Services

Testing services for software and help files involve functional and visual testing of a product on different platforms and operating systems according to the test plans and localization criterion established by clients. The tests carried out focus mainly on content, general and international elements and product capability. Any errors found are reported on standard client forms. Errors found are corrected and must undergo a series of successive compilations until the product is delivered to the client, who again, checks to see if they were implemented. Any errors found at the proofreading stages or during functional tests are corrected and the product is subjected to extensive quality assessment.

  • Functional and visual testing of the product according to the test plan
  • Preparing error reports according to the standard or client forms
  • Correcting of any errors found
  • Technical quality assessment

Testing Tools

ES has experiences on the following testing tools: Trados - Tag Editor, SDLX, Linguistic Toolbox, QA Distiller and more.