MT Post Editing

In recent years machine translation (MT) has come to a point where it gives more than just a general idea about a text. Now, many MT engines provide MT translations with a significant improvement in accuracy and fluency, but it still falls short of human-level quality and at this point post-editing (PE) comes to the scene.

Machine translation post-editing (MT PE) is the process of reviewing and improving machine-translated text to make it accurate and fluent. Our aim during MT PE is to match the quality level of final delivery requested by the client.

Two types of MT PE service are provided for the clients:

  • Light MT PE: The raw machine translation output is only modified where necessary to ensure that the result is legible and accurately conveys the meaning of the source document.
  • Full MT PE: The raw machine translation is reviewed thoroughly to achieve a level of human-quality translation. This process includes not only fixing all accuracy issues but also:
    • Correcting all grammatical errors
    • Providing stylistic and tonal consistency within the document
    • Making cultural adjustments for Turkish (such as idiomatic expressions)

In ES, we work with machine translations for more than a decade. And with our extensive experience in the field, we also provide an evaluation service in which our post-editors review and score the output of a MT engine. This gives the client an accurate idea about the overall quality of the translations that their MT engine produces, and they can make the right decision on how they can include MT in their processes.

We also provide a large-scale post-editing service where large volumes of MT output are edited for MT engine training.