Human Resources

As far as the localization and translation sector is concerned, we believe the key factors to the success of a company are the qualifications, education, skill, expertise and quality-consciousness of the employees who work for our production teams.

Each production team includes project managers, who are in constant contact with clientele, translators and language experts, working on the actual translation and localization assignments, technical staff and DTP specialists.

ES employees attend regular internal training programs, giving them the opportunity to improve their technical skills as well as specialist knowledge. During the preparation of training programs, all internal feedback as well as any feedback from the clients is taken into consideration, preventative measures in relation to possible problems are determined and resolutions are set; giving way for the specification of areas of improvement and undertaking the necessary action.

Human resources are not restricted solely to regular employees but also to those employed on a temporary basis and to all freelance translators. The training, tracking, auditing and feedback processes apply to all employees.

The average duration of employment for ES production team members is remarkably high, which means the experiences and skills are retained and subject to continuous improvement.

Currently ES has around 37 permanent in-house employees and  near 190 temporary freelance and contract employees.

Technological Resources

Even from its beginnings, ES has carefully monitored technological developments and has a strong intranet and Internet system. Since most of our clients are from Europe or North America, we use the fastest and most secure connections for efficent and high quality Internet access. For its main and backup Internet connections, ES works with the leading Turkish corporate Internet providers.

ES, along with its highly developed network structure, has several high capacity servers, automated backup systems and work stations. The 1Gbits company network hosts more than 100 computers.

Communication and Security Resources

Exchange Server is utilized as our standard mail server, and the whole network is protected with anti-virus software. Virus software is automatically updated. Along with the virus protection system, the company network is protected by firewall software against any outside attacks.

File transfer can be made using a password protected secure SFTP server.