About Noyan Aydın

Noyan joined the ES family in 2000 to test for the Office 2000 project. He completed his 10 years in 2010, and is now counting days towards his 25th anniversary. He took part in all the projects with a technical content in the ES family, before he became the leader of the technical team. He was the testing leader in the testing project for Office 2000, team leader for Office 2003, administrator of the Office 2007 group, assuring the constitution of the group itself. He fulfilled various positions in desktop publishing, localization engineering and the coordination of the software team. He shared his experience of the computer culture and information technologies with the various factions of the ES family through many training projects inside the offices. He was among the first graduates of the Kadir Has High School and he studied at the Middle Eastern Technical University Electricity and Electronic Engineering Department. He studied in the Mathematics Department of the İstanbul University upon his return to İstanbul. He likes to read science fiction and political books as well as watching movies of the same genres, but he values spending time with his son the most. He tries to keep up with the communication, software and office automation technologies. He has built his own family with his banker wife whom he met during his years at the ES family and his son was born in 2008, and his daughter in 2014.
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