About Burak Göçmen

Burak joined ES as a testing expert for the Office 2000 project in 1999. Since then, he has assumed roles in every service offered by ES to its customers. In 2014 he celebrated his 15th year as part of the ES family. After long successful years of Project Management in ES, he first took the responsibility of Developing the Business in order to help the company to take more confident steps towards the Company goals using his know-how and the experience in the industry. In April 2010 he represented ES in ELIA conference held in Istanbul as a guest speaker and spoke about the potential of Turkish localization industry and opportunities of regional localization companies, as well as ES Localization Services in the past, present and future. He had combined his business developing skills with his management skills and took the role of Operations Manager. After spending few years as the Operations Manager, he’s now running the company as the General Manager. Burak completed his high school education at Robert College. He graduated from the department of Mechanical Engineering, at Yildiz Technical University. He loves travelling and seeing different places and cultures; as long as he’s not away from his family for too long. Burak also has a keen interest in new technology, endlessly exploring any new gadgets that come into the market each day.
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