Why ES?


Throughout roughly 21 years of experience in localization, ES has taken part in Microsoft projects for more than 21 years, Oracle projects for more than 19 years, and IBM projects for more than 18 years. The average experience of our in-house employees is more than 7 years.


ES places particular importance on the quality of each step of its services. Since 1994, we have continuously updated our workflow and quality control system in accordance with customer and sector-specific needs.


The working principles of ES include open and honest communication with customers, keeping promises and commitments, delivering high quality services on time, and creative and positive approaches to problems.


With its experienced internal resources and qualified large freelancer pool, ES is always available from small translations to large localization projects.


ES delivered over 300.000.000 words and over 60.000 hours since 1994 to its clients. ES achieved to handle over 30.000.000 words and 10.000 hours per year since 2006, and have capacity to cover 3 million words per month including translation and proofreading. ES has high capabilities and flexibilites to team up in short term for large projects.

Long-term commitment

Thanks to its solid financial structure, ES has managed to overcome financial crises without any major problems and even continues its steady growth.

Technical skill

With our technical skills, knowledge and flexibility, we can make valuable contributions to the improvement of localization projects, create project-specific solutions ensuring that delivery is of the highest quality, and provide higher accuracy while often completing tasks that beats prior time expectations. These qualities are a product of our experienced staff, who took part in software tests and engineering services of Microsoft localization projects. ES also uses this technical experience to improve its own business management and business tools.

Cost-effective service

ES makes suitable improvements to its workflow, internal structure and working methods to keep pace with the changing conditions of the sector and to meet the quality/cost expectations of the customers. ES maintains its high quality standards while meeting the cost expectations of the customers.

Blue chip client base

ES is the certified localization and translation provider of leading companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP, Xerox, Symantec and Kodak. Furthermore, ES has been working successfully with leading multilingual companies in the market for many years. ES continues to do business with over 150 companies from nearly 30 countries.


ES was established in 1994 as a software localization company, and has since become the leading company in its field in Turkey. A quickly developing company, ES opened an office in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1994, and another in Cairo, Egypt, in 2004, and continues to take confident steps towards becoming the most successful localization company for regional languages.