Company News
Hot Weather, Hot Pursuit read
ES in a showcase! read
ES and STEP Translation Merged read
Company Winter Holiday - ES remains at the top again… read
Collaboration with Okan University Continues… read
ES Academy 2 started read
ES Volleyball opens 2012-2013 season read
Academy and Business getting closer read
ES was presented at the GALA 2012 event read
ES ACADEMY, an innovation from ES read
ES Family in Sapanca read
ES continues to support Special Olympics read
"Localization Project Management" presentation in Okan University read
ES sponsors Special Olympics 2011 read
"Translation Business and Academic Education Relations" seminar read
"Localization Technologies and the CAT Tools" presentation read
Presentation on "Technical Writing" read
Presentation in Okan University read
"Computer-Aided Translation Tools Seminar" took place in ES premises. read
2010 ES Ltd. Company Vacation took place during September 25-26.  read
ES Presented at ELIA Networking Days Istanbul read
ES appoints Burak Tuzun as Resource Manager read
ES awarded with "Google Advertising Professional" read
Newcomers to ES read
Localization Courses in Yeditepe University read
ES launched the Cairo Office read
ES Sports Club was founded read

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ES was established in 1994 as a software localization company, and has since become the leading company in its field in Turkey. A quickly developing company, ES opened an office in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1994, and another in Cairo, Egypt, in 2004, and continues to take confident steps towards becoming the most successful localization company for regional languages.