ES Family in Sapanca
20 Eylül 2011 Salı

They say that the most efficient way of getting to know a person is traveling with them... We have carried out the essential of being a spectacular team in organizations where human affairs are on professional level.

To get to know ourselves ''inside the company culture'', but ''outside of the company walls'', we have spent our traditional company vacation in Sapanca.

Vacations are a way of being mentally and physically fit, not only for individuals, but also for organizations.

All of us were in Sapanca to acknowledge the values that individual differences and skills contribute to the organization.

Another essential of being a team must be continuity. This vacation held another significance for ES family as well.

We shared the joy of Arzu Övül who celebrated her 15th, Dilek Oktay and Ramazan Dağyapan who celebrated their 10th anniversary of working with ES.

15 years... the good old days when NTV started to be on air, when pupils used to wear black uniforms and white collars, and the Customs Union between Turkey and the EU had just been carried into action.

This must be what is called ''Experience''.

We wish to thank all the members of this family for sharing their worlds with us, and congratulate those precious friends who have completed their 10th year with ES family:

  • Özlem Ülgür - 13 years
  • Sibel Algan - 12 years
  • Burak Göçmen - 12 years
  • Noyan Aydın - 11 years
  • Mustafa Öznam - 11 years
  • Emre Tekin - 11 years

    And how we manage to remain young as ES?


    ES was established in 1994 as a software localization company, and has since become the leading company in its field in Turkey. A quickly developing company, ES opened an office in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1994, and another in Cairo, Egypt, in 2004, and continues to take confident steps towards becoming the most successful localization company for regional languages.