ES Sports Club was founded
01 Ocak 2004 Perşembe

ES Sports Club was founded in Istanbul with support from the ES group of companies.

The objective behind the formation of the club is to form an example for the amateur sports clubs by setting a different organization and financing model, as well as creating the possibility of widespread sporting activities totally dedicated to training for youth players and youth sports trainers.

The sport that the club is occupied with for the time being is volleyball. The working model to be developed in volleyball might be applied to other sports in the future.

We see the entity of our sports club as an educational institution. In educational institutions, the content and level of education is defined in a system of classes; the criteria for passing the classes is pre-defined and a student passing a certain class graduates. There is the same understanding and principles in ES Sports Club, that is the sports schools, classes and a system of passing the classes. The same system is applicable to the teams to compete in the youth sports leagues as well.

Our education system is not a technical education directed towards a single sport, but a multi-dimensional one that covers the physical, mental and social development of the students. Support has been sought from youth development and education experts during the formation of working principles and preparation of the study programs.

The necessary preliminary work, organization plans and preparation of documentation phases in line with our objectives have been completed.


  • Formation of a Sports Schools organization enabling the youth of 8-15 to have regular sports activities, ensuring that the number of students within this organization reaches levels of hundreds in the first years with the level being raised to thousands starting from 2006.
  • Ensuring that students with 2 years of education and having passed a certain class compete in the junior youth leagues, young stars and youth categories wearing the ES Sports Club uniforms, having more than 100 players in these categories starting with 2005
  • Raising the number of sports trainers who have had the training and the standards of ES Sports Club to above 50 from 2006 onwards
  • Spreading the ES Sports Club standards and working model to Turkey in general by co-operating with other sports clubs, voluntary organizations and other institutions related to sports.
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