Localization involves all stages of translation and also the following procedures:

  • Texts that are culturally and politically sensitive are handled with extensive care, and the client's approval is sought before any final decisions are made.
  • Critical words and phrases in a source text, such as the slogans of a sales bulletin, are translated and adapted carefully, with providing the client with optional translations, later seeking their approval before any final decisions are made.
  • Formats of dates, times and numbers are converted into the target language.
  • Currency and other values, such as measurement, are converted into the target language.
  • Names, addresses and similar information are adapted for the target language.
Localization Tools

ES has experience with the following localization tools:

Localization Tools
Trados - Tag EditorSDLXWordFast
IBM Translation ManagerHyperHubPassolo
Translation WorkspaceMemoQT-Stream
Idiom WorkbenchFortisDejavu
LocStudio... and more

ES was established in 1994 as a software localization company, and has since become the leading company in its field in Turkey. A quickly developing company, ES opened an office in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1994, and another in Cairo, Egypt, in 2004, and continues to take confident steps towards becoming the most successful localization company for regional languages.